Weekend Residential Retreats

English Retreats are conducted on the second weekend of every month, and it starts on Friday at 9.00 am and ends on Sunday at 4.00 pm. Fr. Paul Parekkattil VC, and Fr. Jacob Mattappillil VC, and the Divine UK Team lead the retreat. We follow the Vincentian tradition of basing every preaching and services on the Bible and Teachings of the Catholic Church, which enhances deeper understanding of the Word of God, and personal and family spiritual renewal. Inner Healing Retreat, Family Renewal Retreat, Passion Retreat etc. are some of the variety of the programmes scheduled for the next season. Faithful of all Christian denominations are welcome. For accommodation single rooms, family rooms, and shared rooms are available.

Special Retreats are conducted for different language groups like Malayalam, Tamil, Konkani etc. at intervals.

For booking email to pantasaph@divineuk.org

Phone or WhatsApp: +44 7417 494277